inspirED Programme
to May 30

inspirED Programme

The inspirED programme is here to give you back your drive and your focus through an immersive and intensive three day transformational experience, using the internationally famous GOALS process. A programme for education professionals (teachers, lecturers and education managers) who with to inspire themselves in their work and transform their own practice and the experience of their students fellow professionals. As well as health professionals, coaches & parents.

In this life-changing programme, you will:

  • Discover new ways to remove old patterns and blocks.

  • Learn to set powerful and inspiring goals for your personal and professional life

  • Rejuvenate yourself and bring the passion and drive back into your daily experience of work.

What will I gain as a teacher?

Government statistics tell us that a third of all new teachers leave the profession in under four years and that many of the teachers who stay suffer high rates of burnout, due to pressure of workload, pressure to continually raise standards and deteriorating standards of behaviour to name but a few causes. Most teachers realise that in order for children to learn and grow they need healthy self -esteem and  they need the adults around them to model this for them, which in the current teaching environment often seems like an impossibility. The InspirED programme seeks to help teachers to empower themselves to become beacons of change for their colleagues and their pupils. The ‘crisis in teaching’ as it sometimes referred to can be seen as a tremendous opportunity

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