The number one wellbeing programme in the UK.


Getting to know us....

GOALS UK is a consultancy that specialises in ‘work-care’ & mindfulness training that supports third and public sector organisations achieve better workplace performance outcomes, job and customer satisfaction.

We aim to tackle the issue of inequality & social disadvantage by providing encouragement, support and training; enabling people to get back on their feet. We help individuals regain confidence and independence; empowering people to help themselves.

We work with organisations big and small, across the third and public sectors, including: government, social housing, local councils, charities and education.


GOALS Training

A unique, resilience-focused system that challenges the way people think, feel and behave. With over 25 years' experience, we understand that mindset is the most important factor  in moving people into positive and sustainable outcomes.

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GOALS for Young People

Our aim at GOALS UK is to get young people to want to learn. We have learnt that there is a big difference between a young person being forced to learn and a young person who develops a desire to learn. 

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Staff Training

We provide a psychological and holistic approach that helps people move towards practical, positive change. We also teach self-coaching techniques to help people deal with setbacks at work or in life.

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One to One Coaching

Work with Philip Collett one to one, with his personal help you’ll discover your mission in life, set meaningful goals and learn how to apply time tested habits of success.

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How do you engage the disengaged?

Most people attending our programmes are struggling - they aren’t really in control of their lives or making good choices. We show them that they can be the person they want to be and choose a better life.



Proven outcomes to multiple barriers.

Over 200,000 people have participated in our programmes over the last 27 years. We work with any organisation, group or community where people are failing. Our experience shows that the reasons people don’t make progress in life are common to most groups.

GOALS programmes deliver 100% in terms of distance travelled by participants - this means that everyone who attends our programmes improves their life to some degree, In work-focused groups, particularly entrenched worklessness we achieve 67% in work outcomes on average. If we’re commissioned to follow up with coaching, 95% of these people will sustain their jobs.

There are over 1,000 licensed GOALS Trainers nationwide in all types of organisations. Generally our methodology allows client-facing teams to increase outcomes in less time, allowing them to reach out to more people that need there help and redirect budget.