Young people and responsibility


Those two terms may not seem to fit always together.

When we read about an ‘entitlement culture’ and a rise in mental health issues among the young, the evidence is clear that young people today are struggling to make sense of the world and to find their place in it in a healthy and productive sense. We at GOALS understand that where there is blame culture and desire for instant gratification amongst the young - there is often a need to instil a sense of responsibility and healthy self-esteem.

At GOALS UK we have a history of working with the kind of young people who may be viewed as problematic by society but who often develop into some of the most successful contributors to society as adults. We are mindful that many of our ‘star performers’ were often labelled and overlooked as young people

We do not judge. Nor do we ever overlook talent.

When speaking to and working with teachers, we are also aware that the education system can feel like a ‘one -size fits all’ arrangement at times, which does little to teach children how to learn or how to access their preferred learning styles. The system is focused on what to learn rather than how to learn it and everyone is judged according to a narrow set of criteria. The result is that it seems that we are failing a large number of our young people.

GOALS UK understands how to talk to young people and to lead them towards taking responsibility whilst building their self-esteem. Our highly-experienced team of motivational trainers know how to relate to young people on their level; there's no patronising or 'talking down' in the GOALS for Young People programme.

We walk them through the GOALS course, with its emphasis on habit change and positive reinforcement and provide a safe and supportive environment, until they are able to envision a compelling and inspiring future of their own design, possibility for the first time.

Developing a desire to learn.

The result of the GOALS process is that we find young people developing a desire to learn rather than having been forced to learn in the past. We see them re-assess their lives and make empowering choices.

Once they see that they can access their learning styles and become independent learners, young people who have become inspired by their own vision of their future will often wish to re-engage with education in a more meaningful way than they may have experienced in the past. The programme itself challenges them to think and to behave differently, whilst building their self- esteem and determination to succeed and many leave feeling empowered and focused on their future.

Our programme can be delivered directly to a group of young people or we can train your staff/ team to deliver it in-house. We offer several types of project outcomes: we can help coach young people into jobs/education, induction training into apprenticeships, motivational training, train young offenders (in and out of custody), additional help dealing with the hardest to help young people or we can help improve retention and performance in schools and colleges.

Our GOALS for Young People programme is fully accredited by NOCN.

Partners include: Nacro, Serco, Catch 22, City Gateway, London Youth, LB Tower Hamlets, Essex County Council, Connexions, QA Training, NEETS, schools, colleges, pupil referral units, youth offending teams, YOIs, care homes and hostels.


GOALS for Young People - An NOCN Accredited Course