STAFF TRAINING - Train the trainer

Train your staff to deliver the GOALS course and to coach clients.


How do you make the GOALS process stick?

Our experience tells us that GOALS participants feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives. However, we can all recognise that once we have set goals, life can often take over and our good work may be compromised as a result. GOALS Train the Trainer gives your in-house staff the tools with which they can embed the learning and the progress made by the course participants and ensure that they continue to thrive.

We do this using the GRIT resilience coaching system, which is a system specifically designed to complement and reinforce the GOALS content with your clients. The GRIT resilience coaching system works because of the quality of the relationship between the coach and client. The coach can explore what the client got from the GOALS course and help them to plan out how to follow up on their plans. Our work has demonstrated that the key factor in an individual making progress towards employment is their relationship with another person: be it advisor, mentor or coach.  

How can my organisation deliver the GOALS process?

You can offer the two-day GOALS course to your staff, so that they can then train to deliver it to your clients. Some of your staff may want to present the GOALS course and some may also want to become GRIT resilience coaches. Either way, taking part in the GOALS course would be the first step.

We provide our coaches and those who we train with frequent access to group and individual supervision; a safe space to learn, explore boundaries, overcome difficulties develop as a coach and find support.

We have a team of coaches nationwide and recent projects have included: Crisis, Salvation Army, Barnsley Council, Stockport Council, Swindon Council, Success Doncaster, Step Change – London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, LaunchPad – London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Nacro, In Touch and Serco, Keep it Moving.

Train the Trainer - 5 stage process

Stage 1 - GOALS Plus, staff experience the programme as participants - often with senior management. Our staff deliver the course.
Stage 2 - Your staff then attend another GOALS course as observers. They will then watch our trainers deliver the course, normally to a group of your clients.
Stage 3 - Train the Trainer School, your staff will learn the entire programme and the psychological principles behind our methodology.
Stage 4 - Licensing, your staff, having been trained, will now themselves deliver GOALS to your clients for the first time with us observing.  Successful completion leads to licensing.
Stage 5 - GRIT Resilience Coach Training: some of your staff may also opt to become coaches and for those that do, we offer a separate training course, specifically for coaches. The GRIT Resilience Coach Training is also available to those staff who do not also wish to become trainers and present the GOALS course.