STAFF TRAINING - Train the trainer

Helping staff maintain motivation, responsibility and commitment to achieving and sustaining long-term outcomes.


Transforming people's lives

We see front-line staff struggling to engage with clients and achieve their outcomes across the range of sectors we work in. All of them are highly skilled and caring. How can we give our teams the tools to replicate successful outcomes over and over again? GOALS Train the Trainer empowers staff with a reliable methodology for achieving their outcomes in engagement and distance travelled.

GOALS Train the Trainer is a five-stage process leading to staff becoming licensed to deliver GOALS to your clients.

Our work has demonstrated that the key factor in an individual making progress towards employment is their relationship with another person: be it advisor, mentor or coach. Motivated and Resilient staff are essential.

This relationship is key to successful and lasting results, we believe that it is imperative to create a bond centred around trust; helping the customer to overcome their barriers with imagination and empathy. GOALS accelerates this process.

GOALS is followed by and reinforced by GRIT Resilience Coaching. By providing individual support and learning through our one-to-one coaching programme, we help people take positive steps towards their own personal goals and employment.

How is this possible?

GOALS coaches work alongside customers to encourage, question, challenge and discuss career options and life goals.

Our experience shows that when GOALS is delivered to unemployed and disengaged adults we see reduced depressive symptoms, increased self-esteem, confidence, coping skills, optimism and improved work attitude.

We provide a psychological and holistic approach that helps people move towards practical, positive change. We also teach self-coaching techniques to help people deal with setbacks at work or in life.

We provide our coaches and those who we train with frequent access to group and individual supervision; a safe space to learn, explore boundaries, overcome difficulties develop as a coach and find support.

We have a team of coaches nationwide and recent projects have included: Crisis, Salvation Army, Barnsley Council, Stockport Council, Swindon Council, Success Doncaster, Step Change – London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, LaunchPad – London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Nacro, In Touch and Serco, Keep it Moving.

Train the Trainer - 5 stage process

Stage 1 - GOALS Plus, staff experience the programme as participants - often with senior management.
Stage 2 - GOALS is delivered to a group of your clients by us with your staff observing
Stage 3 - Train the Trainer School, trainers learn the entire programme and the psychological principles behind our methodology
Stage 4 - Licensing, Trainers deliver GOALS to clients for the first time with us observing. Successful completion leads to licensing.
Stage 5 - GRIT Resilience Coach Training, the essential follow up to reinforce habit change