What do you really want to be, have and do with your life.


One to One with Philip Collett

In your place of work, home or our head office.


Get the life you want

How to get more of what you want & less of what you don’t.

Work with Philip Collett one to one, with his personal help you’ll discover your mission in life, set meaningful goals and learn how to apply time tested habits of success. Philip will encourage you to create an action plan and will give you the discipline to stick to your commitments.

Philip has over 25 years experience in helping thousands of people including school leavers, professional footballers, bankers, middle managers, teachers, school dropouts, as well as people with disabilities and mental health issues.

What will the one to one cover?

Over the course of your one to one sessions with Philip. You will clarify your vision and purpose, understand why you feel the way you do and what it will take to change your thoughts, behaviour and outcomes. Philip can help you with your career, with your personal growth, health, relationships, business development as well as issues around anger, anxiety and stress.

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