Philip collett - Founder and Managing Director of Motivational Systems Ltd and GOALS uk cic.

Philip Collett is a forward thinking social entrepreneur and motivational trainer. Philip left school with no qualifications and found himself homeless at the age of seventeen. In spite of this start, Philip turned his life around and is now a successful serial entrepreneur based in London.

He is married with two daughters. Philip is available for interview, comment and can provide supporting information for articles. He is a leading authority on the psychology of unemployment, welfare to work and people with health/mental health barriers. Media interviews include BBC breakfast, ITN London Tonight and BBC Radio 4. 

susan collett - head of research

Susan has been a chartered Health Psychologist for over 20 years and is the Head of Research and Psychological Intervention programmes at GOALS UK. Her work previously was focused on healthcare service and role design, organisational change and segmentation.

Susan worked as a National Implementation lead at NICE, as well as implementing evidence based healthcare working with Primary Care Trusts and the London Deanery.

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DEIRDRE QUINN - goals associate

Deirdre first participated in a GOALS course in October 2005 and 3 years later became an Associate with GOALS, working primarily in Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

With an academic grounding in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Deirdre has have over 15 years practical work experience in economic development and recruitment.  More recently she has specialised in the Welfare to work sector, with substantial experience delivering Employability programmes, Motivational and Confidence building courses and one-to-one Coaching and Mentoring. 



Paul has been working with customers to improve their outcomes for over 10 years, having worked in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. Earlier in his life he experienced homelessness can identify with the situation of many participants in our programmes. He went on to achieve degrees in Human Sciences and Animal Biology and is a Member of the Royal Society of Biology.

Married with one son, he’s keen to help organisations to engage with as many people as possible to turn their lives around.