Teacher and pupil wellbeing are linked and no-one has noticed.

We have a tendency to separate out issues in society and examine them independently when often, after a little scrutiny, we find that they are intimately connected. 

The Education Support Partnership published their Teacher Wellbeing Index in 2018, highlighting that 76% of education professionals experienced behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms due to their work last year, compared to 60% of UK employees.

At the same time NHS figures published last month revealed that almost 400,000 children and young people aged 18 and under are in contact with the health service for mental health problems. According to the figures, the number of “active referrals” by GPs in April was a third higher than the same period two years prior. 

Until now, no-one seems to be connecting these two trends. At GOALS UK, we have innovated a new programme, InspirED which seeks to help teachers manage stress, whilst also becoming agents of positive change for their pupil’s mental wellbeing.

InspirED will expose staff to powerful goal-setting processes and help them to identify and manage the key stressors in their jobs and in their lives. Our experience with previous participants is that they leave the programme with a tangible sense of excitement and optimism, ready to apply their new goals as soon as they can.

Our programme for teachers involves membership of a year long coaching group, specifically designed for teachers, in order to help them directly apply what they have learned to the classroom.

We look forward to meeting you on InspirED

Rob Salter - Teacher Coach and InspirED facilitator

Philip Collett