InspirED Seminar

GOALS for Teachers


Aims of the programme

The inspirED programme is here to give you back your drive and your focus through an immersive and intensive two day transformational experience, using the internationally famous GOALS process.

In this life-changing programme, you will:

  • Discover new ways to remove old patterns and blocks.

  • Learn to set powerful and inspiring goals for your personal and professional life

  • Rejuvenate yourself and bring the passion and drive back into your daily experience of work.

What will I gain from the programme?

You will leave inspirED with a clear vision for both your personal and professional life - we will encourage you to think big and to create a truly compelling vision for your future As a participant on the inspireED programme, you will be given the opportunity to work more closely with GOALS UK in a training capacity, should you wish to develop your career, to include elements of training and coaching.

When & where is the programme?

The programme will be held on the 1st - 2nd of July 2019 at a London venue to be announced in the coming weeks.

Who is this programme for?

  • Education professionals (teachers, lecturers and education managers) who with to inspire themselves in their work and transform their own practice and the experience of their students fellow professionals.

  • Health professionals who wish to empower their service users by injecting goals based tools into their existing practice.

  • Coaches and trainers who wish to work in a more powerful and purpose-driven manner with their existing clients.

  • Parents who want to empower themselves in the way in which they parent and communicate with their children.

What will I gain as a teacher?

Government statistics tell us that a third of all new teachers leave the profession in under four years and that many of the teachers who stay suffer high rates of burnout, due to pressure of workload, pressure to continually raise standards and deteriorating standards of behaviour to name but a few causes. Most teachers realise that in order for children to learn and grow they need healthy self -esteem and  they need the adults around them to model this for them, which in the current teaching environment often seems like an impossibility. The inspirED programme seeks to help teachers to empower themselves to become beacons of change for their colleagues and their pupils. The ‘crisis in teaching’ as it sometimes referred to can be seen as a tremendous opportunity.



Your Trainers

Philip Collett

Philip is an internationally recognised coach, trainer and entrepreneur who has worked with superstar American speakers Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield amongst others. Philip is a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right and is the creator of the GOALS course, which has been delivered to over 200,000 people over a 20 year period. Philip developed the course as he overcame a challenging start to life, leaving school with few qualifications and becoming homeless age 17, before turning his life around to become a serial entrepreneur.


Rob Salter

Rob is a coach and trainer who has joined GOALS UK in order to transform the experience of teaching and learning for all educators and coaches. Rob is a teacher coach, who began his journey via training and coaching teachers in increasing their classroom presence. He now works with coaches and entrepreneurs to help them learn in the most powerful ways possible, via his ‘Unschooled’ coaching practice. Rob is the author of two books and a highly successful website on teaching.